Discover new music, based on users with the same taste as you.

Hi! This is my project for the dissertation of my computing degree. Algorhythm is a website which uses your Spotify listening history to find other people that love the same music you do.

Algorhythm needs a user base in order to be able to find other people with the same taste as you, so unfortunately at the moment recommendations aren't live yet! Once you've signed up you will recieve an email which will notify you when it's ready.

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How does it work?

By signing in with Spotify, algorhythm can view data on your most played songs, and harness this to give you personalised recommendations. Once we have enough users, we will be able to find a community of other people who enjoy the same music as you do, and share music between you.

What data can you view?

We can only view the data from your Spotify account that you give access to. The only permissions we have access to are ones which let us view your most listened to tracks and artists, and the ability to create a playlist full of your recommendations. You can double check this when you authorize algorhythm with your Spotify account.